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The Calm Before The Poop Storm

It’s relatively easy to be a good captain when you are sailing on smooth seas. The truth of where we are in our journey is revealed in our ability to effectively captain the ship when the seas become stormy.

This afternoon the house was quiet and peaceful as Isabelle napped. I had Mozart on and was working on a new blog post for Flora X Fauna. All was right in the world. Isabelle even waited until just the right moment to wake up – I had just finished writing and felt victorious (not always easy to find that uninterrupted time in your day!). And then I walked into the bedroom.

Into a literal poop storm. Isabelle had somehow managed to drag the diaper pail close enough to open the lid. She then had proceeded to take out as many dirty diapers as possible (unfortunately it happened to be full) and pull them into her crib. The result? Soiled diapers filled her crib. Poop smears on the railings. Clumps of poop in her hair, streaks of poop on her face and poop under her nails. More poop than anyone should ever have to see.

What is a momma to do? I really wanted to just cry. Instead I took a deep breath and then held my breath as I swiftly grabbed her and plopped her (clothes and all) directly into the bathtub. I looked at her cute little poop covered face and I felt myself smile and relax. And then I laughed. I laughed at all the poop and the shitty situation. What else could I do? We had a fun bath. Isabelle got to watch Baby Einstein and I did some cleaning, a lot of laundry and took a shower.

Living my art MOMent to MOMent and finding the calm center in every storm.


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